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Why Biodynamics

OBJECTIVE OF BIODYNAMIC AGRICULTURE: Improving soil fertility and health
• Biodynamic agriculture is an ecological approach to farming that prioritizes the cultivation of healthy crops in fertile, healthy soil. The use of chemicals has been detrimental to both plants and the environment for many generations.
• Biodynamic agriculture fosters bettter biodiversity, which in turn makes a farm sustainable. Studies, including a 20-year research conducted by the European research base FIBL, highlight the positive impact of this agricultural approach.
• Biodynamic agriculture is founded on the principle of continuously recycling resources. As an example, farmers utilize the horns of their cattle to create organic fertilizers, while feed is exclusively produced on the farm.
• Additionally, crop rotation is implemented after each harvest to ensure a perfect balance between the plants, animals, people, and environment.

What Are the Main Goals of Biodynamics?:

  • Fostering nourishment for both the planet and its population.

  • Immense respect for life, the ground, and the organic rhythms.

  • Elevating the living conditions of plants and animals.

  • To establish stable and sustainable agricultural landscapes.

What is the origin of Biodynamics:

In 1924, German farmers and agronomists were concerned about the deteriorating health of their crops, and of their animals, declining fertility of the land, and negative impact of chemicals in agriculture. As a result, they sought the guidance of Rudolf Steiner, a noted Austrian philosopher, scientist, and educattor. Steiner had written extensively on social, cultural, and therapeutic topics and was considered a leading expert in his field.

He defined the basis of biodynamics in his ΄Farmers 'Classes' (Farmer Classes).

DEMETER: certified Biodynamic cultivation
• Demeter is a global brand that certifies biodynamic agriculture. Demeter ensures that biodynamic practices are implemented on agricultural land and that the products produced meet high-quality standards.
• The Agencyprovides guidelines for agricultural production and processing that are more stringent than the organic production regulations established by the European Union. The Agency aims to promote sustainable agriculture practices and ensure that agricultural products and processed foods meet high-quality standards.
• Demeter certification extends to a diverse range of products, including food, cosmetics, and textiles. This symbol is recognized in over 60 countries worlwide, indicating products that adhere to biodynamic farming practices and high-quality standards.