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Trinity Farm

Gastronomy Days and more until Sunday at the Benaki Museum

Couch Alexandra Tsiadi studied, and worked as a chemical engineer. In 2000 she returned to her homeland, Larissa . In 2005 she decided to take care, together with her sister, of the family farm. Today, on 400 stremmata, she grows cereals, legumes and vegetables, biodynamically, (an organic farming method based on the work of the german philosopher Rudolf Steiner and is based on the influence upon each other of earth, plants and animals as parts of a whole for the sustainability of the crop). "for example. the compost necessary for the cultivation of the cereals, comes from animals that we keep in the same land "she says in her " Vima " interview. "We have managed to sell our products directly to organic shops and consumers. Although the situation is not at its best, I would not change it for anything ".
Mrs. Tsiadi of Trinity Farm is one of the twenty producers in total who will be at the Benaki Museum on Piraeus Street from Friday morning for the gastronomy days that will last until Sunday.. And they will not be alone as the organizers intend to offer those who arrive on Piraeus Street a complete experience in the field of food. The event is aimed at both the specialist and the one who will be there in order to have fun.
" Common characteristic of the 20 participating producers is that they are basically small producers who combined their passion with the initiative and managed to promote their products in targeted markets in Greece and abroad. They are a living example of how you can deal with difficult situations such as the current one. " says Mr. Yiannis Gourtzelas founder of the company Reason that organizes the exhibition which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, the Hellenic Institute of Architecture and has as its scientific advisor the University of the Aegean.
In the trending of our times where more than one science or technique is combined with others, in the Gastronomy Days, there will be events that combine food, design, food blogging etc. "This has nothing to do with the communicative aspect; it is to highlight the very nature of food as a timeless element of culture" says Mrs Marianna Komitopoulou from Mesogiako Pantopoleio Diatrofis.
"Similar to the way art and science are progressing, food is advancing. Food is advancing, but at the same time you have to keep some traditional values ​​and principles in order to achieve what you want. It is equally important to show and promote the concept of cooperation. " says Mr. Gourtzelas. "The producers, the restaurant designers, the chefs and generally all those who participate in the Gastronomy Days, succeeded because they understood how they could collaborate".
Open 10:00-23:00
Tickets / Presale
Tickets can be purchased at the box office of the Benaki Museum – Pireaeus 138 at the price of 10 euro.
General admission: 10euro
Unemployed - Students : 8euro (with the appropriate card)
Invalids & Children under 12 years : Free entry
3day Ticket: 20euro
Ticket presale www.viva.gr for a limited number of tickets at the price of 8euro and then at 10euro.

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