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Trinity Farm

The Trinity Farm

…we cultivate and…spirit, soul, body

From the field to the kitchen ...

Close up portrait of a young girl laughing on farm with haystacks


Visits of pupils and students
Raising young people's awareness of nutrition and health is a key priority for us. From the beginning of the operation of the farm we had the pleasure to welcome students of TEI of Larissa and postgraduate students of the University of Gastronomy of Italy.
Especially for children we have specific suggestions for you to choose from a variety of alternative actions. Schedule a visit to our farm whether it is of general or special interest or in the context of environmental education.
We consider learning through the acquisition of experiential experiences necessary. That knowledge has no age we have proved with our own attitude towards life. Wanting to share this,
we offer in collaboration with experts seminars on agriculture, but also more generally
of interest. The seminars for agriculture concern the products of nature, the trees and the
vegetables. The seminars of general interest refer to creative sewing, creations
with wool and felt, traditional arts, well-being, eurythmy, sustainability and survival especially for
farmers. So either you have or you are interested in doing a hobby, whether it is
survival talk to us.
For Athletes
How would your workout in nature look to you?; In the fresh air, where the mind opens and
the heart flutters; And when your workout is over enjoy a hearty meal with
the healthiest products cooked especially for you; Whether you are a cyclist, or you belong to another group, talk to us.