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The big challenge

There are many discussions about climate change, the depletion of resources - aquatic and other, the possibility of land desertfication in the near future. Huge is the responsibility of the farmers worldwide, yet, these issues, concern us all.

Thoughtful/responsible? farmers worldwide dare, experiment and adopt solutions, and thoughtful/responsible? citizens embrace them.

A practice towards this direction is notill sowing (no-till). Non-cultivation of the soil implies, among other things, its regeneration with at the same time lower fuel consumption. This method is practiced abroad with the USA, Australia, New Zealand pioneering, and with a few hesitant attempts in Greece in recent years.

Embracing a logic of 'what-is-not-worse-is-better', these farmers clean the soil vegetation using herbicides such that, with a competitive advantage, the sown crop will manage to establish.

Our big challenge is the non-use of herbicides. In collaboration with the University of Thessaly, we trialed notill last November. To reduce the risk, we have sown a grazing mix for our animals. So, any 'weeds' that will grow can be useful feed. We do hope our animals will agree

Should we succeed, cereals will follow, as well as legumes and other staple foods.

It is our hope you will support our efforts, as you have been doing all along, in the knowing that the pure foods we offer you lay another stepping stone to a sustainable planet.

With our sincere thankings.

To your health...


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