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Trinity Farm

Who we are ...

How trinity farm came to be

The third generation of a farming family, who decided after a period characterized by university studies in Chemical Engineering on a personal level and the use of conventional farming methods on the farm to return not only to their land, but also to gentle farming practices. While it was started by a series of fortitious events that led to an awareness of nutrition and the environment, the decision to switch to organic farming was by no means accidental. The seriousness of this decision is shown by the fact that it goes a step beyond organic farming to the application of the principles of biodynamic agriculture. Thus, starting with respect for people and the environment, the entire ecosystem is treated with respect.

Today, in an area of ​​forty hectares, the potential of the ancestral land is exploited for offering based on its composition and microclimate, with the least possible external interventions .


The Trinity Farm

Biodynamic production



Your enthusiastic response gives us the impetus for overall design of our crops, so that we can provide satisfaction to a larger number of our friends. Gradually , that decision to exchange the previous professional attire with a pair of wellies is justified!

The vision for a
better tomorrow...

The product of this effort is in every package you hold in your hands, and has been produced without chemical fertilizers and pesticides and under the supervision of DIO and Demeter International for organic and biodynamic agriculture respectively.

Although in biodynamic agriculture, it is encouraged as far as possible to make products available on the local market, it was a conscious decision to broaden the concept of ‘local’, because as one of the first Greek farms to implement biodynamic agriculture, it was tempting to give more of our compatriots the opportunity to taste the superior quality biodynamic products and reap the benefits they offer.

We produce food that is healthy, nutritious, delicious, wholesome
while respecting the environment.