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About: Strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages, different talents and skills, allow people to complement each other and exist in society, ideally happily. And usually there is a leader. Despite problems that are based on the actual features that enable the formation of societies, perhaps it would have been much more difficult for anyone to be in a world on his own, or impossible to live a life with his absolute a likes : same appearance, same skills, same weaknesses and strengths.

A similar situation exists in the plant kingdom. We allow our lentil to grow with other plants, ‘weeds’ some people call them, taking care not to let these foreigners take over. So our lentil may grow with wheat that was last year’s crop in the same plot and wheat has dropped some of its seeds during its harvest; but since our lentil is a short plant, the wheat stalks form some sort of support for it. Or we have some wild oat growing that yes it is an unwanted weed, but at the same time it is good for the bees. Other plants attract beneficial insects or other creatures or repel enemies from the animal world. And so on, while at the same time lentil supplies nitrogen. In the plant society that we are creating there are mutual benefits and a balance is brought. Lack of balance is usually the source of illnesses.

In conventional agriculture farmers use chemicals to get rid of unwanted species growing with their crops and then to combat diseases and other problems that arise due to their monocultures. In our effort for our lentil to have the first say, and be in charge, we remove weeds by hand up to a certain growth stage of the crop and then cut the tops of the tall ‘weeds’ such that our lentil will always have access to light.

After harvest, lentil is cleaned for the removal of as many different species as possible. Some species remain because, mostly those that are the same size as our lentil. The cleaning by hand to totally remove different species would increase the cost immensely.  As would in our case the use of expensive special machines. Such machines are used by big factories that handle large quantities of produce. Big factories may also have special facilities to debug the lentil: Lentil attracts bruchus, a small black bug, from the field. To combat, we store our lentil in the refridgerator, then we pass a few sacks at a time through deep freezer and return the sacks to the refridgerator. This is the reason we also ask you to store our lentil in the fridge.  Big factories handling large volumes use special means such that you get inexpensive, spotless produce in your cupboard.

This is not our case: Our lentil is an artisanal product brought to you by a family with a long farming history that has the purpose to pass its existence to the next generations. The use of chemicals is excluded at any stage of its production. Some stages from zero until this product reaches you are handled by hand, giving employment to a number of people. In all stages we take care to keep a balance so as not increase the production cost immensely. Like any hand-made product it may have its imperfections, but then these make it unique and its additional value is that you know it is brought to you by a family that cares for other families, yours included.

With care from our family for your family. Enjoy.

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