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Trinity Farm

Apogevmatini tis Kyriakis

Here, in the ancestral land in Agia Triada, Farsala, Thessaly, by following the principles of biodynamic farming we are laying a stone for a sustainable planet: gentle care of the earth, exclusion of toxic chemicals, production of healthy and nutritious food. It is of great importance that this is appreciated and talked about, and for the effort itself but…

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In the tributes of Ianos

JANUS. Tribute 'Nutrition as Culture' https://www.ianos.gr/events/afieroma-diatrofi-ekd-2020-ekd/

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Diet of the Future: lessons from the Past

Elvira Krithari investigates the relationship between producing, food and the environment. How modern dietary models affect health; What are the foods with the smallest environmental footprint?; Starting from the Thessalian plain and ending back in Athens, Experts from different fields discuss the solutions to the nutritional distortions of the time…

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A fully educational day!

Students of the University of Gastronomy in Italy lived one day with us. We made breads and pie, they were guided to the estate, we planted garlic, all together we ate the pie , the breads, trachanas and lentil soups, all made with our farm products, we also had a tasting-sensory test in our sauces and jams. Subsequently, we evaluated the taste palettes…

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Girls on Fire!

On July 2015 we hosted for 10 days 8 Wonderful French volunteer scouts (14-26/7/2015). Our estate filled with young, happy voices and laughter, we 'disturbed' the area, we made the French Garden, they enjoyed crimson, juicy greek watermelon and dessert spoon among others, they gave us a French night with savory and sweet crepes…

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Waldorf Schools: an experience

From 22.5-10.6.2017 we had the pleasure to host the 1st pupil from a Waldorf School of Germany (Waldorfschule Uhlandshoehe, Stuttgart) for her duration of 3 weeks practical training. Our programme included: an understanding of biodynamic farming, pairing theory with a practical approach; crop rotations and crop companions; weeding; carrot sowing; feeding the farm animals…

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Seed Euro-Med programme

This year we participated in the Seed Euro-Med Programme as a Host Enterprise. This Euro-Meditteranean programme facilitates placements of North African and European young enterpreneurs with experienced enterpreneurs. The programme is funded by the European Commission, it is managed by Euclid Network and they work with partners in France, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia. In…

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The Trinity Farm Open Day

Another Farm Open Day, the 2nd, took place on our biodynamic farm on 4 April 2017: tour of the estate, information on biodynamic agriculture, lesson of making easy and tasty bread, acquaintance with flavors based on healthy, pure biological and biodynamic raw materials (pies, roll and bread mixes, raisin bread, addition to pancake, salads* with oatmeal and…

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Simple, daily healthy steps

Three workshops were conducted in Athens from 16.3 to 18.3.2017 under the heading 'just, daily steps to health' with topics ranging from the longest living zones on the planet and the Hippocratic diet to stress and wonderful sprouts. Many women - who says that women do not have good times getting together?- they followed me…

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A Saturday with the Producer at the Hellenic Society for Environment and Culture

Presentation of the biodynamic cultivation we apply on our farm at the event 'The Producer's Saturday' organized by the Hellenic Environment Society & Culture on 18.3.2017. Presentations were followed by a lunch based on legume dishes cooked with products from the producers. Trinity Farm offered biodynamic lentils that were beautifully cooked and delicious homemade bread with…

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