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Trinity Farm

Triticum Dicoccum: Biodynamic Wholemeal Flour 1 kg


Biodynamic wholemeal flour from mill ground biodynamic wheat triticum dicoccum (emmer) grown in here and 3 generations in Agia Triada, Farsala in Thessaly. This product enjoys the appreciation of professional bakers, consumers and the gastronomy society.

It has been included in the best Greek products.



Alexandra very easy bread… to the baker
Ingredients: 450 grams of flour trinity farm, 400 grams of water, 4 tablespoon. teaspoon of cut sugar 4 tablespoon. teaspoon salt, 4 tablespoon. olive oil , 1 sachet yeast powder (8 grams), various seeds (optionally).

How to: Put the water in the form of the machine and then the oil. Add the flour, the sugar on 4 corners of flour, salt in the same way. Put the yeast in the center of the flour layer. We choose 1 bread, 750 grams or the nearest, dark color. Program 1.

Tips: 1. If we want, when the characteristic sound of the camera is heard, open and add seeds. 2. We do NOT open the machine during operation, only as mentioned above in tip number 1. 3. Try the bread hot with butter.


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