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Trinity Farm

The Trinity Farm: A story of 100 years

A farm, built on tradition and sustainability, treads on soils full of history

“Your first debt, serving your term in the breed, it is to feel within yourself all the ancestors. The second, to illuminate their momentum and continue their work. Your third debt, to hand over to the son the great commission to overcome you."

Nikos Kazantzakis, 1883-1957, Greek writer

The beginning

Make it the image.

April 1920…

Once again there is an effervescence. Zoe the Thanasaena, Agoro and Thodoraina, Angeliki, Giannaina and the other women, svelte and dignified, they run left and right to make sure all the essentials are loaded so they don't miss anything, and be able to operate there, in the summer meadow… Kitchen utensils for cooking, utensils for milking and curdling milk, for cheeses and butter, clothes, coverings, … everything must be loaded on the horses…. Children cannot hide their excitement as they always associate this summer break in the mountains with good times – games and feasts with songs and dance…. Even their participation in setting up temporary shelters for people and animals is an adventure…. The men in turn have their own occupations…. Theodore has his meaning in animals, John controls the supplies, everyone is busy, arrange the last details of the long journey so that they arrive safe and sound - primarily their flock, and then the people - to their destination…

This time they calculate that they will be needed 22 days.

Only Thanasis does not participate… He watches the process thoughtfully with half-closed eyes, with the usually clean, his eagle gaze clouded. All the action around him does nothing but ingrain the decision in him, a result of the thought that has been going around in his mind for a while now, of the thought that kept him awake at night and haunted him during the day…. 'the time has come' he thinks, ‘… a lifetime of stagehands… we will not die stagehands'. They will get their own place, they will solidify… The place remains to be found, to find the money to buy him…to convince his brothers to take the risk…

Note: Women used to be called by the second initial of their name after their husband's name. Thus, Zoe is the wife of Thanasis, the Agora of Theodoros, the Angeliki of John.

Building the Dream, Step by step

Thanasis managed to make his dream come true. The land was found, and came into the possession of the family the 1921. He knew there would be difficulties, but he had faith that they would succeed. Nothing foreshadowed that the subsequent course would have large doses of bitterness in an eternal dance with small doses of joy. Where does one begin?; How many tests...

The widow in 35 years of when his wife, the life, gave birth to their only son, the sternochild, Santa Claus 1931; the struggle to raise the child with foreign milk from other mothers; the loss of his newly married daughter Alexandra; debts for the purchase of land that sometimes crop failures or livestock losses made it difficult for them to repay; the need to clear the land with the few means of the season in order to convert it into arable land; the possession; the guerrilla with the seizure of all their animals which forced them to go down to Farsala since they had nothing left…. How many times have they been on the brink of destruction?…. But always, however low they fell, they were finding the strength to pick themselves up and stand on their feet again….. And to continue with the same passion, the same courage…

And they have always been proud and welcoming, with their door open to any passer-by who needs help, ready to share their goodies, the milk, the cheese, sometimes their precious lambs.

Advance despite the difficulties

Thanasis made an advance, endowed his children, married well, and left full days old 94 years old surrounded by children and grandchildren, leaving a heavy legacy: his name interwoven with boldness, bravery and inexhaustible strength of soul…. Vassilis also left, at 84 of years, who in turn made his own mark by continuing his father's efforts, with his kindness and generosity. He lived a full life, he was saying, proud of his own children and grandchildren and having the joy of seeing that the land he loved so much will be honored by his own descendants. What pride, and how beautiful, huge emotional and moral burden for future generations!

Did the humble nomadic herders know?, where the 1921 they decided to make this land their homeland and honor it, thus putting an end to the difficult period of their nomadic life, the history these soils carry; From the Olympian giant Polydamantas to the proud Amazons and the warrior kings of ancient times… Our estate, a breath from Farsala, the ancient Fthia, homeland of the Myrmidons and the glorious Achilles; a breath from Velestino, Feres, hometown of the glorified Riga Feraeus of Velestinli; the area has been associated with mythical battles, but also unique personalities, bright beacons on our way.

And us, from our meter, in difficult times, with great challenges signs of our times, we aspire to make our mark, a positive impression, a legacy for those who are adopted, let's somehow light up their own way.


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