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Trinity Farm


A farmer with a capital F is Mrs. Alexandra Tsiadi, although she is only counting five years on the… fields. With studies, postgraduate and doctoral in England, and with a good job in a technical company in Larissa, the 50-year-old chemical engineer decided to change her life and take care of 400 stremmata of the family estate in Agia Triada Farsala. So, in the land that belonged to her family for three generations, she started, together with Lina, her biologist younger sister , an organic plantation with the primary goal of product quality, and the simultaneous protection of the environment. Under the name "The trinity farm" the Tsiadi family produces, packages and distributes to stores, directly, the products it produces. "This way we achieve better prices for the consumer", Mrs. Tsiadi emphasizes . This is the first year she is solely engaged in organic farming. "I just stopped working in a technical company. All these years I worked in parallel until I managed to live be sustained from the estate. Maybe for someone else, already related to the earth, would have been easier, he could have had a positive effect earlier. We were inexperienced ",she says.

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