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Trinity Farm

A fully educational day!

Students of the University of Gastronomy in Italy lived one day with us. We made breads and pie, they were guided to the estate, we planted garlic, all together we ate the pie , the breads, trachanas and lentil soups, all made with our farm products, we also had a tasting-sensory test in our sauces and jams. Subsequently, we evaluated the taste palettes…

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Girls on Fire!

On July 2015 we hosted for 10 days 8 Wonderful French volunteer scouts (14-26/7/2015). Our estate filled with young, happy voices and laughter, we 'disturbed' the area, we made the French Garden, they enjoyed crimson, juicy greek watermelon and dessert spoon among others, they gave us a French night with savory and sweet crepes…

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About the trinity farm flour

About: The Thessalian Plain is famous for its agricultural production. For years it was known for its plantations of sugar beets, cotton, corn and cereals of course, mainly wheat. Talking about a small country, these have not been huge plantations but they add up in acreage. Conventional agriculture needless to say…

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About the trinity farm lentil

About: Strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages, different talents and skills, allow people to complement each other and exist in society, ideally happily. And usually there is a leader. Despite problems that are based on the actual features that enable the formation of societies, perhaps it would have been much…

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