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Trinity Farm

Biodynamic garlic


Biodynamic garlic grown in here and there 3 generations in Agia Triada, Farsala in Thessaly. Growing up with roses gets intense, strong taste. Packing 3-4 pieces.

See in our news with the title ‘With garlic aroma’ What does the well-known journalist and gastronomy writer Aglaia Kremezi say about our garlic?.

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Danae's tzatziki

Easy, homemade tzatziki!

Materials and execution: We mix 1 kilo of strained sheep or cow yogurt, 1.5 peeled cucumber, cut into cubes and pressed by hand, 4 garlic cloves the trinity farm peeled and passed through a fine grater, 1/2 mug of olive oil tea, 2 tablespoons full of vinegar, a little salt, a little grated black pepper.

Tips: 1.Sheep yogurt is thicker. 2. If the yogurt is not strained, drain overnight in a bag.


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