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Biodynamic chickpeas 300 gr


Biodynamic chickpea grown in here and 3 generations in Agia Triada, Farsala in Thessaly. Packing 300 grams. Favorite of our customers, this fine-grained product swells significantly in soaking before cooking.

Can be used in delicious soups, salads, dishes with rice. See also the ‘Blog’ Section for our Recipes, and for the relevant updates.

Also available in its packaging 1 kilo packs. Look for it in our store.

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The chickpeas of Life

Ingredients: 1 cup of chickpeas trinity farm, 2 tablespoon. baking soda soup, 1 dry onion trinity farm grated, olive oil, salt, black pepper, lemon.

How to: Soak the chickpeas in water and salt from the previous night. The next day drain them, add the soda and leave them for half an hour. Then, we rub the chickpeas with our hands to remove the skins. Boil the chickpeas with enough water, adding the onion, oil, salt and lemon pepper. Towards the end of the boiling, after boiling, add fresh squeezed lemon.

Tips: by Mrs. Aglaia Kremezi: Soak the chickpeas in the evening, boil in the morning for a few minutes, we drain, rub the many peels to remove and pour into a large bowl of water. We throw the peels that rose to the surface, drain and cook.


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